Tatkal Booking Timings – Tatkal Ticket Booking Time

Tatkal Booking Timings are fixed by Indian Railway Officials. You are reading this blog, it shows that you are looking for more information about tatkal booking timings. In this blog, you will come to know about tatkal booking time for Ac and Non-Ac classes. So, let’s start.

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Tatkal Ticket Booking Time:-

From 15th June 2015, Indian Railways have changed the timings for Tatkal tickets. For AC class, the Tatkal quota window opens 10 AM on the previous day from the origin station of the specific train.

For classes other than AC, the Tatkal quota window opens 11 AM on the previous day from the origin station of the specific train.

Note:- In certain cases, the Tatkal Quota window opens 2-3 days before the specific train departs from the origin station. For Example:- Let’s say, you want to book a ticket from Nagpur to Chennai in Chennai Rajdhani Express(12434), in this case, the train reaches on the 2nd day of its journey. So, here the tatkal quota window for all classes opens 2 days before or we can say it opens 2 days in advance.


Tatkal Ticket Charges:-

tatkal ticket charges

Tatkal Ticket Charges


Tatkal Cancellation Rules:-

Tickets made through Tatkal Quota once get confirmed cannot be canceled as per the rules of Indian Railways.

However, there are certain rules under which you can claim cancellation of your Tatkal Ticket and Full Refund, which are laid down below:-

  • In the case, when the train gets delayed by more than 3 hours at the origin of the journey, not the boarding point of the journey subject to the passenger’s origin point and boarding point is not the same/different.
  • If in any case, the train has to go in the diverted route and origin station or destination station doesn’t come in the way of diverted route.
  • And if the train has moved on the diverted route and the passenger denies or doesn’t want to go through the diverted route.
  • If the passenger has not been provided accommodation on the same coach which was assigned to him earlier.
  • If the passenger has been provided with the lower class and the person doesn’t want to travel. And if the passenger wants to travel in the lower class. He/she will get a refund of the difference amount of fare and tatkal charges if any.

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